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    Thai Executive Wants To 'BORROW' Dr. Mahathir.
  • Thai Executive Wants To 'BORROW' Dr. Mahathir

    Mission? Solve the quagmire beleaguering protest-hit Thailand.

    If Ratana Orn-Arun has her way, she wants to “borrow” the former Prime Minister to help Thailand turn around.

    The insurance executive is frustrated with the political situation in her country especially with street protests by both camps.

    “Can we borrow Dr Mahathir? Maybe for five to 10 years?. He is very good.

    “He can restructure the country and make Thailand more developed,” she told The Star.Thai Red

    Shirts putting up sharpened bamboo sticks and razor wire to fortify their position on Silom Road in the business district of downtown Bangkok yesterday. The anti-government protesters cancelled a planned march at the business district yesterday after troops armed with live ammunition garrisoned the area to repel them. — BRIAN MOH / The Star

    Ratana is no stranger to Malaysia, having to travel twice a year as the parent company is in Kuala Lumpur.

    She said she liked Malaysia’s methods of handling illegal assemblies, where protesters would be dispersed by the police quickly before the crowd got too big.

    “The protesters here should gather in the public parks. Not in the city, closing roads and affecting businesses,” she said.

    Ratana is critical of both Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and his predecessor Thaksin Shinatwatra.

    “Thaksin must win and doesn’t care how he does it while Abhisit wants to be nice to everybody.

    “You cannot be like this in politics.”

    The Star, Wednesday, 21 April 2010